With regards to hair tone, Manic Panic are perhaps the coolest brand around. Their underground rock pioneer attaches have driven them to be perceived as one of the principal elective magnificence brands, reforming the kind of hair color available. Since their opening in 1977 they have consistently strived to have the boldest and most brilliant looks all over; clear rainbow shading colors were one of the absolute first items to be sold at Tish and Snookys unique store.

What is the ethos behind the brand?

Tish and Snooky are the organizers of Manic Panic and have procured the epithet of the High Priestesses of Hair Color, they are notorious most definitely. Their trademark We dont simply sell it, we live it! is obvious all through their image and depicts the fun, bright way of life they advance. Indeed, even right up ’til today they are still essential for the testing and quality with the in-house staff guaranteeing the equation stays the best available. This implies you can be certain that Manic Panic is totally the best item you can offer your customers, giving them splendid dependable outcomes. Hyper Panic ensures all their and their providers fixings are veggie lover and brutality free as authorize by PETA. Tried on famous people, not creatures is their aphorism. Just as this, 15% of Manic Panics yearly benefits are given to different causes.


Proficient semi-long-lasting gel tone

Profoundly pigmented Manic Panic proficient hair shading will leave your customers with a rich, lively look. The profound, distinctive shading will permit you to make marvelous pattern setting styles with extraordinary sparkle and iridescence. The rich, feeding recipe conditions the hair as it tones, guaranteeing a smooth, sparkly completion. Injected with castor seed oil, this fundamental fixing assists the hair with holding dampness and forestalls split finishes and breakage. Permit your customers to appreciate staggering, brilliant hair shading that will keep going for up to 40 cleanser washes. Hyper Panic can likewise be effectively joined with other expert hair tones to make interesting looks, the potential outcomes are unfathomable.

Exemplary high voltage

This energetic semi-extremely durable hair shading produces brilliant outcomes for customers with dim or pre-eased up hair. Guarantee you are delivering pattern setting styles in your salon with Manic Panics extraordinary sparkle and radiance. The delicate, supporting recipe conditions the hair as it tones, making smooth, brilliant outcomes after application. Free from parabens, PPD and alkali, this vegetarian and savagery free hair tone is benevolent and delicate. Hyper Panic High Voltage offers 4 to about a month and a half of strong, energetic shading. For best outcomes when shading hazier hair, guarantee the hair is pre-eased up for extreme, dependable shading.

Creamtones wonderful pastel semi-long-lasting hair tone

Hyper Panic Creamtones hair tone transmits dazzling tones of new, pastel tones to make a lovely shading change. Ideal for pre-eased up hair. The delicate, sustaining recipe conditions the hair as it tones, making smooth, brilliant outcomes. Free from parabens, PPD and smelling salts, this vegetarian and brutality free hair tone is benevolent and delicate. Creamtones have dependable outcomes offering customers 4 to about a month and a half of new shading. For ideal outcomes, guarantee the customers hair is pre-eased up before application.

Superstar sightings

Fun reality Manic Panics striking tones have landed them in the VIP lime-light ordinarily:

Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian graced numerous sensationalist newspapers wearing shades Cotton Candy and the Hot Pink Classic Crme recipe coming about in both being a moment sell out.

Margot Robbies well known blue and pink braids for her star job as Harley Quinn were, obviously, Manic Panic.

Jared Leto started shading his hair with the Red Passion Classic Crme tone in 2010 and this later showed up in Vogue. His particular green tone for his job as the Joker in 2016s film Suicide Squad was likewise made by Manic Panic.

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